Here are the friends that I go to when I can’t do it myself:

Ian Cameron plays the strings that are too small for me – Fiddle or violin, whatever you call it sounds great in his hands.  Check out all the loops he has.  Knock-out stuff!

Kingsley Amplifiers
Simon Jarrett hand-makes the best valve amps in the world, hands-down!  While he’s at that, he also makes killer pedals.  Can I mention he’s also a (more than) impressive guitarist!

Pro-Spec Production Services
PRO-SPEC Production Services is a full-scale professional audio provider.  My good friend Martin has been providing production for Faith & Desire for years now…  They are now in the big leagues.

Services to the stars!  Backline is the place in Vancouver for rental gear or repairs.  If you need it, or need it fixed, they are the best of the best.

Vancouver Audio Speaker Clinic
I blow things up, they fix them!  Simply the best speaker repair and service in town.  These guys know their cones.